Stem Cell Basics: What Exactly is a Stem Cell in Simple Terms?

I have become quite confused at the current media coverage on Stem Cells. So, in my search for information, I "Googled" Stem Cells and I came up with more information than I could use. I really wanted to start from the basics. I wanted to know what exactly a stem cell is before I could go about understanding what all the controversy was about. So here is what I found.
The Basics of What a STEM CELL is:

A stem cell is a cell that has the ability to duplicate itself, again and again, without any encouragement or drug intervention. It does so naturally. It is the way the body was intended to work. A stem cell, can in fact, duplicate itself in a manner that it can become the cells of any organ or body tissue. So, muscles, bones, joints, liver, heart, stomach, hair and so on, can all benefit from newly duplicating stem cells.

With this understanding, I can now see why this type of treatment is so sought after by those who are ill and struggling with disease. If it were me, I would want to be able to utilize the miracle of stem cells as well.

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--- Stem Cell Basics: What Exactly is a Stem Cell in Simple Terms? ---

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