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Parkinson's: New Hope With Adult Stem Cells?

Here is another interesting bit of research for those that are suffering with Parkinson's Disease.

At Emory University School of Medicine a team of researchers showed that the implanting of retinal cells (those of the eye) into the brains of people with Parkinson's disease in the advanced state, improved their motor function by almost half. According to the follow-up study of six patients the team noted, " We've been following the six participants for over a year, and we found they've improved on the average, nearly 50% in motor function. " The retinal cells used were taken from deceased donors and grown in the lab.

This was reported in the New Scientist , April 18, 2002. Note: There are no clinical treatments for Parkinson’s based on cloning or embryonic stem cells.

Certainly, there have been more studies done similar to this since 2002 yet still this treatment is not approved or made available to the people who suffer with Parkinson's disease. A possible alternative for those who are waiting for treatments to be approved might be to try a natural product called Stem Enhance. Stem Enhance is a patented product that is designed to enhance your body's usage of its own stem cell production. It is available at the following web site and may be purchased for less than $60.00 a month. If it were me I would give it a try --- what would I have to lose but $60.00?... this would be a small price to pay for the chance to have my life back.

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---Parkinson's: New Hope With Adult Stem Cells?---

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