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StemEnhance™ is Introduced as the World’s First and Only Stem Enhancer – How it All Happened

Christian Drapeau, a neurophysiologist, gathered many years of experience observing the health benefits that could be received from a particular freshwater plant. Together with his colleague, Dr. Gitte Jensen, they discovered that this plant has two unique components that, when they are isolated, have the ability to support the natural release of stem cells from our own bone marrow. This was a scientific breakthrough.

Later, in the year 2000, these two scientists exchanged views and ideas with Howard Newman, the owner of Desert Lake Technologies. Desert Lake Technologies has had vast experience in aquaculture in the harvesting of this water-botanical. This team was the beginning of the vision they shared about a new way of understanding how the body is able to keep itself healthy. It was then in 2002 that they filed for a patent on the product which is now named StemEnhance™.

In 2002, in the medical journal Medical Hypotheses, the theory was published and other scientists from around the world continued to publish research that would further strengthen what Drapeau and Jensen believed they had discovered.

Stem Enhance is a patented product that is designed to enhance your body's usage of its own stem cell production. It is available at the following web site and may be purchased for less than $60.00 a month. For many, this is a small price to pay for the chance to have their life back.

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--- StemEnhance™ is Introduced as the World’s First and Only Stem Enhancer – How it All Happened ---

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