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What is StemEnhance™ ???

StemEnhance™ is a blend of two compounds which are extracted from cyanophta Aphanizonmenon Flos-Aque (AFA). These compounds are extracted using a proprietary process that uses no chemicals or harsh agents. One of the extracts, which contains a L-selectin ligand, supports the release of stem cells CD-34+ cells from the bone marrow. The other extract which is called Migratose, is polysaccharide-rich and may support the migration of stem cells out of the blood tissues where it is most needed. Also, included in this extracted formula is a biogenic amine phenyl ethyl amine(PEA). PEA is known to elevate mood and increase concentration and mental energy and clarity.

StemEnhance™ cures nothing. It does however lead to more stem cells being released into the bloodstream from YOUR OWN bone marrow. With this increase of stem cells into our bodies the stem cells are given the opportunity to do the work renewing tissue which may restore health to our bodies.

In short, StemEnhance™ enables your body to help itself.

Stem Enhance is a patented product that is designed to enhance your body's usage of its own stem cell production. It is available at the following web site and may be purchased for less than $60.00 a month. For many, this is a small price to pay for the chance to have their life back.

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Stem Cell Research Info

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--- What is StemEnhance™ ??? ---

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